Welcome to our Virtual Pageant Portal!​

We will be hosting Virtual Pageants to qualify delegates for the International Pageant as Appointed Titleholders. Virtual Pageant activities will be held via our Google Meet Video Conference (similar to Zoom). Participants can apply for any open state, regional or country title to qualify to compete at Miss India Universe USA. All applications are subject to Eligibility Rules.

How to compete

Step 1

Choose your payment method for the Registration Fee (One-time, or Payment Plan); make your payment

Step 2

Complete the Registration Form

Step 3

Schedule your Interview

Step 4

Submit the required videos in the Preliminary Pageant Submission form at least 24 hours prior to your interview. Please do not upload submissions without completing steps 1 through 3.

Virtual pageant require 5 submissions:

Videos should be in 9x16 (Instagram Story) format and no longer than two (2) minutes each. Personal introduction should be one (1) to two (2) minutes. Videos should be submitted as soon after registration as possible, but at least 24 hours prior to Interview Day.

All delegates must accept their appointed titles and titles with the requirement to compete all required payments and submissions. . Official crowns and sashes will be shipped after all financial requirements are met delegates will be responsible for shipping costs

These Rules pertain to all three titles: Miss india universe usa , Mrs india universe usa , and Miss India universe usa international

Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates can be single or divorced and exhibit good moral character.

For Miss India Universe USA , applicants can be single or divorced , Mrs India would be currently married and has not age restrictions and couple category has no age restrictions either

Appointed Titles are available for international candidates

Mr & Mrs Universe India is a couple category with no age limit awarding the best couple

Submission of professional photographs is mandatory; unsuitable or random photos will not be accepted or considered, thereby rendering the application invalid.

Participants are required to wear their sash through out the contest during all virtual appearances to be counted for credit and will be required to tag and allow being tagged through the time of pageant , pageants are solley required to adhere all guidelines and deadline to turn in their videos and will require to post about their pageant on all of their social media platforms about the pageants through our the pageant failing to do so will result in being removed from the pageant

Nationality and Gender:

Candidates must possess Indian nationality or affiliation with India. Residency in any part of the world is acceptable. Natural-born female status is a prerequisite for Miss India Universe USA and Mrs. titles and international titles.

Winners will require and agree to wear their shash and crown during appearnaces and tag miss india universe usa in all their posts all participants will have to adhere to all guidelines and policies at all times

Record and Conduct:

Candidates must not have a criminal record. All photographs submitted by the contestant or titleholder will become the property of Miss India Universe USA pageant.

Participation and Diligence:

Successful candidates must adhere to the provided schedule and participate in a disciplined and diligent manner throughout the event.

Responsibility and Liability:

The Organizers are exempt from liability for any loss or physical injury sustained by the participant during their involvement in the event. Candidates participate at their own risk.

Accuracy of Information:

Submission of incorrect or misleading information will result in disqualification, whether detected prior to, during, or after participation.

Health and Character:

Only individuals of sound health, sound mind, and lacking any medical history of mental illness, while also exhibiting good moral character, are eligible for participation.

Organizers’ Discretion:

Miss India Universe USA, hold the prerogative to remove any delegate from the contest without prior notice. Such action may be taken if the organizer’s assessment concludes that the delegate jeopardizes the security of other delegates, their belongings, misses rehearsals or official functions, or negatively influences the event’s smooth operations, including international contests.


All fees are nonrefundable Contact us for application fees.

shipping cost of $20 will be required for mailing of sash and crown

$260 deposit is required to hold your spot upon signing up

Miss India Universe USA "Ambassador” – Crown & Sash

This title goes to the delegate who has raised the most funds for chosen non profit during the pageant who will showcase Miss India Universe USA on various platforms per agreement

Rules And Fees are subject to change without notice