A Tale of Passion, Purpose, and Pageantry

CEO of Miss India Universe USA Pageants

Hello, I’m Nitu¬† Shukla, current CEO of Miss India Universe USA Pageants and former AVP in finance, now channeling my entrepreneurial spirit into the world of pageantry. From managing finances to orchestrating the elegance of pageants, my journey is a testament to the diverse paths life can take.

As the recipient of titles such as Ms Bharat Fashionista 2021 and Miss India Universe USA 2024, I’ve discovered a new platform for empowerment. Beyond the runway, I’ve been recognized as a philanthropist with the Influential Women Empowerment award, underscoring my commitment to making a positive impact.

Amidst the challenges presented by a global pandemic, we innovated by hosting the first Virtual Miss India Universe USA Pageant. “Empowered Queen Empowering the Nation” is not just a tagline; it encapsulates our mission to showcase the multifaceted talents and contributions of women to society.

As a finalist of Ms Elegance of the World 2024, I invite you to join me on this transformative journey. Let’s collectively break barriers, distinguish ourselves, and radiate like the diamonds we are.

In my realm, every crown symbolizes not only personal achievement but also a promise to uplift others. The virtual dimension of pageantry has allowed us to connect with diverse talents globally, and as the CEO of Miss India Universe USA Pageants, I am committed to cultivating a community where women support each other. Join us in this evolving journey, where resilience, talent, and empowerment converge. Together, let’s continue to inspire and be inspired, forging a legacy that resonates with the strength and brilliance of empowered queens.



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Empowering Elegance

As the CEO of Miss India Universe USA, my mission is to inspire and empower every woman who becomes a part of our platform. We celebrate diversity and honor exceptional women who have made significant contributions to society, fostering peace and harmony within our communities. Miss India Universe USA is dedicated to offering opportunities that allow you to shine brightly, equipping you with the resources to achieve your dreams and reach new heights you may not have thought possible. As the owner and CEO, Nitu Shukla takes great pride in delivering excellence in pageantry and wholeheartedly champions women’s empowerment. With a team dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering growth, we strive to create a supportive environment where every woman can thrive and realize her full potential.

Radiance Redefined

Step into the world of radiant empowerment with Nitu S Shukla, the driving force of Miss India Universe USA Pageants. Her unwavering commitment to redefining beauty and strength has illuminated countless paths. Join us in celebrating a legacy where every woman shines with her unique brilliance.

Beyond Boundarie

Discover a world where empowerment knows no bounds, guided by the vision of Nitu S Shukla, the heart and soul of Miss India Universe USA Pageants. Breaking barriers and embracing diversity, she invites you to be part of a journey that transcends limitations. Join us as we redefine beauty, strength, and unity.

Harmony of Empowerment

In the symphony of empowerment, Nitu S Shukla conducts the melodies of strength, grace, and resilience at Miss India Universe USA Pageants. Witness the harmony of diverse talents converging into a powerful crescendo of empowerment. Join the movement where every note celebrates the uniqueness within.

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